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Amazing Victoria is just simply amazing. Within the first 30 seconds she knew exactly what I was inquiring about and helped me come to terms with it. She validated what I was feeling and asked spirit as well..all without me even asking a question. Previous calls she has mentioned names of parties without me saying a word. She definitely has a gift and is so sweet. Will definitely refer to her for future matters.
Spiritual healing/cleansing Wow! Let me tell you, I just had a cleansing/healing on the phone with Victoria and it was awesome!! I was a tad bit skeptical but not any more. The way I’m feeling now is phenomenal !! I urge anyone that wants to have a cleansing please do not hesitate. You won’t regret it.
Blessed to be a Blessing This is my second time and it is already manifesting itself. Victoria is Blessed to be a Blessing. The first time I did not want to hear what she told three years later I realize I should of listen. Now I do and already see it. Thank you.
House Clearing/Blessing SPOT ON! I'm a repeat client of Victoria's. Today I had a clearing. She was awesome. She knew exactly what was going on inside and outside of my home. I had a spirit attached to an Antique Mirror and I had negative energies outside in my backyard. Which I was able to confirm to her. I took a photo of my front yard one night at Christmas time, and there was a spooky face (evil) face in my photo in the back yard. I knew this wasn't good. Victoria knew that I had negative entities in my back yard. Thank God Victoria and the Angels cleared my house. I feel so much better and free! I am so grateful for Victoria. Her gift is a God Send.
Spot on I've consulted with Victoria about various issues since 2012. My initial call was about a relationship that wasn't going well. She offered guidance and insight. I was skeptical but it played out almost exactly how she described. Since then, I've talked to her about relationships, work, and more. Calls with Victoria begin with no prompts - she just starts sharing immediately. For me, she's been pretty spot on with situations and timelines. I highly recommend her.
A new soul friend Really good experience, she knew a lot without me having to say much. I appreciate the time she took wasn’t a rushed session. I will definitely be doing more readings. Thank you for all your help
Business clearing/ reading combo I found victoria from Houston Chronicle she was featured in article. I called her because bad things kept happening at my business that I could no longer disregard. The moment she stepped foot in my space she new what was going on she described what she saw and asked what it meant and I was shocked she picked up on the issues my business experienced. She is very in tune with her gifts and wow I was blow away. Even the reading she gave me was crazy accurate. I even had a personal clearing done and I could feel energy being cleared hard to explain but wow. I definitely recommend her.
Sarah S.
Spot On I had multiple sessions with Victoria this week. One to clear my business, one to clear my house, one to clear me and then a reading for myself after all the clearings were done. She did all of these by phone, not in person. All I can say is she was spot on. In the beginning she tells you a few things about the location (very specific things) to confirm she's in the right place. There's no WAY she could have known those things. It's as if she was standing right there. After my personal clearing, she even messaged me the next day because she got a feeling she needed to check on me and sure enough I was having a hard time and she helped me through it. I've used her in the past and I most certainly use her again. I highly recommend her. She's amazing.
Always great Y’all know she’s awesome or I wouldn’t be on here like everyday
Amazing Victoria is so warming and soothing . She will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She is so on point in so many aspects and most things come true . Her healing and prayer is amazing . It never hurts to have prayer in your corner and she is amazing spiritually and in all ways .
Better Thanks! Feeling like myself again.
Feeling relieved Victoria was very insightful and comforting when we connected with my recently lost pet. Thank you for helping me get through a difficult time, and know all is well. She is spot on and always a pleasure to talk to.
Aura cleaning Review of Telephone session With Victoria I have never had an Aura cleaning before, until I had one with Victoria. I am unemployed and had been feeling down, negative and tense. Once, the cleaning was done I started feeling in balance and like myself again. Thank you!!!!!
A much needed clearing I’m a repeat client of Victoria’s. I’ve had many readings, coaching and today a clearing. Things at work have really been bringing me down and she knew it. She knew the reasons why. She felt the pains I had been feeling. The clearing was very emotional for me and I experienced different sensations the entire time. After, I am blessed with peace. The tightness in my chest the anxiety is gone. I feel clean and cool inside. Which after being plagued with hot flashes and high blood pressure is a sigh of relief. I am so grateful for Victoria. Her gifts and talents are out of this world. She’s surrounded and supported by Spirit and I’m blessed to be able to benefit from her gifts. Thank you, Victoria.
Porscha Boone
amazing Mrs.Victoria is very precise and have an amazing gift of helping me and others
Marleny C
Always a great experience! So glad my brother referred me to Victoria. He's been using her services for a long time so I decided to try it out too. From the beginning she is so personable and friendly, not to mention spot on! I always feel such a shift in my attitude and life when I speak with her. Simply awesome!
Fabulous Thank you Victoria for your intuitive guidance- it is so on point and I look forward to my next appointment!
Wonderful reading! Wonderful reading! Highly recommended! Thank you, Victoria!
Jennifer Reyes
Never Lose Hope I’ve been talking with Victoria every few months since April! She was right on in her prediction so don’t ever doubt her. Months passed and her prediction finally came true right when I was losing hope and was ready to give up! Remember if she says it will happen it will! It may not happen when you want it to or right away but her predictions are right on! Victoria is easy to talk to and will help you find your best self. Thanks to her I feel hopeful for my future!
Amazing I cannot wait to see all of the positive changes! Thank you Victoria :-)
Reading via phone Its always a pleasure visiting with Victoria, I'd highly recommend her. I have talk to her a few times and she's always been pretty much on point. She will even take the time out to follow up sometimes just to make sure your doing ok after she's done a reading on you. Thank you Victoria your pretty amazing!!!!
Gaye P
Awesome We did a group reading with 10 people and Victoria was so accurate with all of us. My sister and I have been to her a number of times and each time she has been right on the mark. Thank you Victoria for what you do you are awesome.
Accurate and on target Review of Telephone session With Victoria I’ve had several phone consultations with Victoria and I have to say I’m always amazed by her accuracy. Victoria gives details that are sometimes did she know that? But...besides having a tremendous talent in getting information, she’s also quite adept at interpreting the information and making connections to what’s going on in your life at the time. I also like. Ring able to book an appointment on her website. It’s very easy and I like being able to see all the options for appointment times. Victoria always calls when she’s scheduled to and never fails to give full value for every minute spent in consultation.
Reading Review of Telephone session With Victoria Thank you Victoria, always a pleasure talking to you, and your spiritual advise was very helpful, an enlightening experience.
Thank you Victoria has been helping me and my business through trails. I feel stronger, better, and more peaceful, thank God, thank her!
Guidance Thanks and will continue to work with you
Phone reading Victoria is amazing. I didn’t even ask and Victoria was already telling what I wanted to know and how I should handle the situation. A reading with Victoria is quality. She doesn’t waist your time.
WASTE OF MONEY If you have money to throw away then this is for you. She’s all about money. Please don’t base life decisions off of someone who flips tarot cards. If you have to spare, make a donation of some sort. She absolutely sucks and is completely full of it.
Spot on Victoria Alvarado is spot on. She described things that there's no way she could know. Plus, she's "real" in that it's not boxed vague responses that could go either way. I'm very happy with her and will happily use her again!!
Phone Reading Very professional and to the point.
15 min phone reading This was my 1st experience with phone reading. Not sure what I was expecting, but felt like I had to provide info to receive info. Could hear the rider driving (heard the blinker) which was a little disappointing. Also was asked if I had any final questions before end of reading, at 13 min mark, lol. Entertaining, but not completely sure I would try again.
Porscha Boone
good Great
Amazing Victoria is truly amazing. She is more than just a spiritual healer, she is someone that I can trust and ask for advice. I am always satisfied when I talk to her.
I’m getting to know and love me!! 5 weeks ago I signed up for life coaching with Victoria. I wish I had known about this years ago. In this short time I’ve been through so many emotions but I am eternally grateful for her guidance and help. I’m starting to let go of things. Gain confidence and feel a huge relief. I sleep better at night. Work had even improved!! She’s the bright light I needed and she’s helping me get back to me. Get my power back.
Gaye P
Awesome I have been to Victoria numerous time and had a cleansing several times . She is always right about everything she has told me. I went last year and she told me I had something going on with my stomach and I needed to get it checked immediately. Victoria was so accurate I had a very serious medical condition and had to have surgery, and if Victoria had never told me that I would of just kept thinking it was nothing,and if I had not listen to her I would not be here today . So thank you Victoria
A+++ Wonderful reading! Very insightful! Highly recommended! Thank you!!
Luv this woman Thanks Victoria!
Consultation My session was awesome.Victoria hit it right on where my concerns and thoughts were! After speaking with her I received a phone call and sure enough it exactly what she told me. I was surprised and thrilled! God bless you Victoria.
On Point! She was so on point and knew immediately what was going on with me. She gave me clarity and confirmation on my situation. She's the best and I highly, highly recommend her.
Maria Garcia
She is amazing!!! Victoria is amazing! Did a telephone reading and aura clearing! She was on point answered all my questions and doubts I had. But the most important is how I felt after my aura clearing. I literally felt she cut off all chains I had from past expirenses/relationships that we’re holding me back. I am so happy to feel that I can now move forward.
Yvonne Garry
Spiritual cleasing and reading I needed the cleasing desperately because I felt scattered and pulles in every direction. I feel scattered and a lot of my questions were inadvertently answered while she was doing the cleasing. When it came time for the reading much my questions were answered. It has been a while since I have felt this good it was very needed. If you are feeling angry, stress, scattered and stuck it is well worth it to have a cleasing. She has been on point with each reading that I have had with her. She is worth every penny and your time.
Wonderful Reading Wonderful reading! Highly recommend! Thanks!!
Great So relieved to hear the things you told me Victoria looking fwd to speaking with you again
ruby m
Great insight Victoria was spot on my areas of concern. She was very nice and knowledgeable during our session. She gave me great advice to follow and deeper insight on issues I needed to work on.
Mind blowing As usual Victoria blew my mind. I have been thinking exactly the things she told me. She read me from the internet. (e-mail session).I have been seeing Victoria for several years now. And she amazes me. One gifted lady. I will continue to refer all my friends, family and co-workers to her.
ON POINT! Victoria has a very special gift. My reading was accurate and was super helpful in giving direction about issues that are going on in my life. Messages from spirit were insightful and the reading also gave me confirmation on things I was thinking about. I am grateful for the guidance.
You have to give it a try! I've been a customer of Victoria for almost 3 years Now. What I have experience is that at times her readings are spot on to the point that you wonder how she even knew the accurate details about your life. Others times when discussing things of the future, I've realized that sometimes predictions don't always comes together from a single reading but a combination of different readings; although there are often times when she says something will happen and sure enough it happens within her estimated time frame. I've recommended her to friends who I thought were skeptics, and again she nailed details on the head. So they were most definitely impressed. I'm not gonna lie, I have talked to other psychic mediums at the same time, but none of them have earned my trust and faith in what they're are telling me, which is why now 3 years later I ask for her insight. Long story short, you just have to try it and experience it on your own. And definitely read through her website to understand her different types readings and healings. It'll help you understand her gift better.
Powerful and Positive I always enjoy speaking with Victoria Alvarado,each time we have spoken she has given me accurate information regarding my life situations.I am looking forward to speaking with her again!
Miranda E
Highly Recommend Victoria is great I have had a in person reading and also have attended a healing class and over the phone reading . She is spot on and I would highly recommend her readings and in person classes !
Psychic She was completely on point with every detail. She knew things that nobody knew and stuff you cannot find on the internet. She was very professional and very honest. I 100% recommend anyone to have a session with Victoria.
Joanna g
Amazing! I've never felt better about my life! She gave me wonderful insights into my life and I'll definitely be talking to her again!!
Healing Class Victoria's healing class was a great experience & would highly recommend her to all!
AMAZING!!!! Victoria started at Hello and read my situation without me uttering a word!!! Simply Amazing!!! I feel so relieved of my issues because she provided me so much clarity! Thank you!!!! I am soooo looking forward to my next reading!
Carolina T
Reading Review of Telephone session With Victoria What I love is that you listened to what I wanted to know and say Thanks
Tamara W
Natural Gift I have been seeing Victoria off and on for several years. She never fails to blow my mind. She has described my daughter in law to be right down to a tattoo. A month later my son was dating this girl, now married. She was 100% accurate on court dealings my younger son and I were going through trying to get my Grandson back (taken out of state by his mother). Even when there were things I did not want to believe, she was right about them. I truly believe that some people have a God given gift and Victoria is one of them.
Leea L
Awesome We had a small group reading with Victoria and she was awesome. She was spot on with all of us , she gave us insight to problems that each of us were having . I have had readings with Victoria for several years now and she has been amazing. It's been 4 days and she is still the talk of our office , everyone was truly amazed at her gift ..needless to say she will be invited back.
Marian O
Great reading Very helpful and insightful. Victoria has wonderful energy and is very kind. Thank you for all your help!
Cleansing Thank you so much for the session. It truly cleared a pathway to happiness. Thank you
Catherine S
Psychic Reading & Healing The reading was spot on and gave me great advice! Knowing what was going on energetically helped me decide to release the dysfunctional energies and karma. The healing cleared all of the turbulent emotions and energetic connections and set me free to be at peace and happy. Thank you very much, Victoria! You have made a difference in my life.
Christina S
GREAT PHONE SESSION Totally cleared things up for me and gave me insight that I appreciated. Thx!
Healing Review of IN Person Sessions Victoria was simply amazing and spot on on everything! She helped me understand why I was feeling a certain way and identify issues that I had not realized were affecting me. After a healing session with her I felt so light and very positive.
Rebecca M
In person reading Was very satisfied with my session main concern was answered and she gave me hope to my situation...I will definitely be goin back to her and will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and answers...I didn't give her any information what so ever and she was spot on with everything!
connie r
she is very good she is not only an advisor of mine but a friend too
House Blessing & Clearing We have had our house for sale for almost 2 years. I decided to schedule a session with victoria on the advice of my friend who has been going to her for 3 years and she has helped her sell her home. On the weekend after she did clearing, we had 4 showings. We had not sold our house yet but we had many recent showings after when before nothing at all and literally 2 months after Victoria's house clearing and blessing We received an offer on our home and have accepted it. My husband and I were both skeptical at first but we followed her instructions recited the prayers and did exactly as she said We are beyond thrilled! My best advise to you guys dont get discouraged and i dont know how she did it or what she did but it worked. Thank you victoria
Lorena R
In person reading Victoria was right on. She gave me insight in regards to family and work. Very detailed information that she would not know. I had never seen or known of her prior to this reading. I got to my reading feeling down and unsure of my future at work. I left feeling better and more positive. I can't wait for things to start happening. Victoria is the real deal. Thanks Lorena
Elena T
Lovely! This was my first reading of this type. I was very skeptical but from the moment Victoria began speaking I was just amazed by everything she was saying. She was very accurate about things that nobody would know except myself. She does not sugar coat things but it was great to receive these messages. She helped me connect to Spirit, release doubt and trust. I felt lighter after our reading. She is truly gifted and I'm very grateful to have found her.
Reading and healing. Victoria Alvarado has a real God given gift. Her skills and abilities are phenomenal. She hits it out of the ball park with accurate readings. Truly helpful. Her healing abilities are simply amazing.
Clear and precise When the person whom is doing your reading session starts the conversation telling you something you do every day and only a few people very close to you know about it but yet Victoria knows about it you know she has to be legit and real. Every question asked was answered clearly and subjects I didn't plan to ask about were brought up because they needed to be addressed. Thanks much Victoria.
Kathie B
Reading Victoria is very accurate that it's scary! She has great insight and so down to Earth to talk to. I definitely recommend a reading with her.
reading tells it it is
Amazing!!! Review of Telephone session With Victoria Victoria is amazing and has a gift! Totally recommend her!!
The best!!! Victoria is the real deal and she connects to your spirit guides and tells you everything you need to k ow before you can ask it. She is so on point with the information she provides it's crazy! I would recommend her to any and everyone, you will not be disappointed at all!
phone call I appreciate the tid bit to improve my resume. Love life is still puzzling to me. I am keeping myself upbeat even though going through rough time.
Healing session I had a healing session today. She helped me in so many ways and showed me that I had many things going on that I had no idea I had. I feel a complete transformation and feel so much better. I felt the change as it was working through me. It was so amazing. I am having my husband and aunt go to see her now. She helped me in so many ways. She is amazing. I am also going to her group readings as well. Please go see her. You will feel so amazing afterward. Thank you so much Victoria!!! I will recommend you to everyone I know!!!
Facebook Reading with victoria She knew exactly how I was feeling without even meeting me. she did my reading through a facebook i never even spoke to her.  She tapped into my energy field and told me exactly how I have been feeling lately. It was an amazing reading. I appreciate your kind words.
Jennifer R
She is the Real Deal! What I love about talking to Victoria is that she is very kind, straight forward, and is the real deal! It's like talking to a good old friend on the phone. She gives great advice and is on point! If you are on the fence let go of the worries and you will get the peace and clarity you need after you talk with her. She will help you with any problems you have.
connie r
great reading very good reading as before picked up on things i did not even mention will be booking again Thank you Victoria
Leslie V
Amazing! Victoria is truly amazing and gifted!
Belinda H
Reading Amazing reading!!
Impressive Wonderful! I have NEVER gone to a psychic before. She was dead on. Impressive. I've now talked to her 3 times and will continue to do so when I need to.
Shocking, but right on After my conversation with Victoria some things had to change in my life. I am glad I had the conversation.
body assessment
Mary L Thank you Victoria for the body assessment today! EVERYTHING was right on point!
"ALL STARS HIGHEST RATING FOR VICTORIA ALVARADO" Victoria is authentic and professional. She is supportive and kind while providing thoughtful insight , inspiration and hope for the future. She will "tune in psychically" to you and in a comforting way will key into your situation and express how you have been feeling and what the future holds. Victoria Alvarado will share her psychic gift with you with intregrity. Peace ❤️White Light ❤️ Angelic Love
AMAZING She is truly one of a kind!
Carolina T
Highly positive Thank you for your kind words which made me see me in a positive way again......will contact you again
joy m
Joy Joy/good reading
Jenny Sanchez
Amazing, healed a broken spirit I can't even begin too explain how much her healing session and reading helped take this feeling of fear and burden that weighed me down and kept me from feeling joy. I feel like so much healing wad done, that I'm ready to start the process to recovery. I'm extremely happy that Victoria had time for me and that I chose to make that call. Thank you so much
Best interests for you I always appreciate how Victoria tells you what the angels want you to hear. Sometimes you don't understand why but by the end of your session, the entire story comes together. Her connection and messages are for the best interest of you and to help you through your journey.
Email reading My emsil reading was right on point. I will use it again.
heather v
My angel I love my readings with Victoria. They are very on point and sometimes not what you are wanting to hear but you know she is speaking the truth . She jumps right in and it is kind of baffling how she can hit things spot on . She makes you feel so much better and is very spiritual. I look forward to her spiritual guidance . I have yet to be disappointed, and things have been accurate . She gives me hope.
Leona E
Readings and chakra healing So for the first time ever I had my chakras cleared. I wasn't sure what to expect and even after the session with Victoria I was still a little unsure of what i should be feeling. Although I was very light headed indeed. The way in which Victoria communicates with the angels is outstanding. It's like she is talking to someone in the room. A clear line of conversation. When I heard her say 'thank you Metatron' I automatically let my barriers down. I have never heard anyone refer to this particular angel except for Victoria. The cord cutting has definitely worked. The negativity is gone (and some feeling) which is what was needed. I have been very happy and a lot more focused and grounded since the session. With regard to the reading. Victoria's accuracy is scary. The way she knew my resume had been received and the person was currently travelling is almost too much to fathom but she was so correct. I am waiting for the external position and there is no doubt in my mind that this will happen as described. If in doubt Victoria is the go-to person to get clarification and insight.
Gloria B
Telephone call Conversation was very helpful... thank you. Information provided was confirmed of what I expected in my relationship. I have to value myself more and follow my gut feelings. I might have to use your services again... thank you!
Althria G
Jaw Droppingly Accurate She told me things that I hadn't thought of in years, and addressed some things I needed to do to clear my energy. Very friendly... not a spook... touched on real life issues with clarify. Thanks Victoria.
My first reading This was my first reading ever. Victoria immediately told me what she saw was going on in my life--and it was accurate. I was very impressed. She was very helpful and enjoyable to talk to. I highly recommend her.
Jose V
So grateful to have this young lady in our lives Victoria, is an angel she is the ocean breeze which soothes and calms your soul, God bless you and thank you for your special gift.
Victoria Alvarado Thank you so much Victoria!! I'm feeling the exact things you said I would feel and I'm really grateful for the healing you provided for me today..I know it's a process but I already feel at peace and cannot wait to continue on this beautiful journey to discovering the new me:) Love and light to you!
Very insightful.... Victoria, always great talking to you.
Amazing Truly amazing, takes her time.
Skype Healings/Clearings Work! I live 2 hours away from Victoria, but she is the best clearer and healer I know. She offered to do them through skype so she could see the building. I can't believe how accurate she was on the energy of the entire place. Plus, after she cleared the room, I was able to see and feel the immediate shift. It is super convenient and her gift is so very strong that I experienced a change immediately. Definitely would recommend mobile skype healings and clearings!
Shelly S
Testimonial I had a January reading with Victoria. Points of her reading focused on the month of March. I could not know that what she was telling me was accurate until today, March 30th. She told me by March a male influence would come into my life, but it would not amount to much because he had too much going on. I actually had several men come into my life in February & March..none worked out. All had too much going on. She also told me I would buy a 2 story white house/condo by April. I bought a 2 story white house. I move tomorrow, April 1. Very accurate reading. Just have to wait until June to find out if the "real one" comes into my life. Thank you Victoria :)
Patti M
Great Experience! Victoria is so authentic and always hits on exactly what is happening. I would highly recommend her.
Psychic Medium Victoria Alvarado I had a reading with Victoria and being that I myself do readings its not very often I am very impress with her psychic abilities. She was right on with what was going on with me. I am very thankful for Victoria and I would wish that many others can be open to getting a reading by her it is very healing for the soul.
Denice D
Trustworthy and Wise Victoria is an amazing person! In all of the readings I have had with her, she has always been on point about the events that are going on in my life. She does not sugar coat anything, if there is something that needs to be brought to your awareness she will tell you exactly what those things are. Her perspective has helped me to overcome a lot of difficulties in my life. It's great to have someone that you can trust to give you clarity and a different perspective so that you can make better decisions in real life and spiritually.
Telephone session I was referred to Victoria by a friend. I have gone to have my cards read but this was way diffrent, Victoria told me what i needed to know without me asking, very pleasant and easy going,I felt very comfortable. I had researched a few other people but my heart kept telling me it was her I needed to soeak with. Thank you so much
Immediate Healing Just did a healing over the telephone and in 20 minutes, Victoria cleared my entire body of the poison and illness. All of the signs she told me to look for showing my body was healed manifested within 2 hours! Amazing, thank you Victoria!
Five stars for sure!! She is the absolute best! She gave true and accurate information that I can trust and really helped me to make the right decisions that would put me on the right path. I thank God for her gift!
Comforting words Thanks, Victoria.
Leslie V
Amazing Victoria is truly amazing and always very accurate! Definitely recommend her
Rachel F
AMAZING Always gives me the guidance I need .
Positive experience Every encounter I've had with Victoria has been pleasant. She has always been spot on! If you're questioning whether to visit her in person or chat with her over the phone, I would recommend both.
Cheryl A
Gifted and totally awesome I brought my dear friend, Melinda, and we were blown away at the accuracy of the information shared to ask my Victoria. She's incredibly gifted. She's a real thing people.
Halloween Masquerade ball Victoria did a great job for our Halloween Masquerade Ball. All of our guests said she was spot on and really liked the interaction. She really added a touch of mystery to our party. Highly recommend!
melanie w
Corporate Christmas party Victoria was very professional and her readings were very uplifting.
Corporate Event Very friendly and easy to work with. Guests at the event enjoyed visiting her and she often had a line. Very happy overall. Thanks!
cheryl k
Private group reading Victoria was incredible! Her readings were spot on and our guests are still talking about it two weeks later!! She was on-time, courteous and very professional. She was a hit at our party! Thank you Victoria!
group reading I have had readings in the past and that was by far the best reading I have ever had. There were about 12 people at my house and she nailed it with every single person!!
Halloween girls night Victoria was great and my party guests really enjoyed her readings…what a fun time! She showed up on time and was very professional and pleasant. Would definitely recommend her and have her back. Great experience.
Brilliant Victoria is authentic, connected and extremely insightful. The information she brings through is from a place of absolute truth and love. Victoria is an intuitive who with a rare gift.
Jessica G
Heaven sent I was very satisfied with Victoria... she did being in person Angel cleansing and I immediately felt a sense of relief, I felt like I could breathe again & Let go of so much built up emotional and I'm physical stress and tension! I don't know what she does and I can't explain that but I would say it's like sitting at a therapist office and just letting everything go... I don't know how else to explain it!
Eerily Good I've been consulting with Victoria for about 4 years now and every conversation is chock full of accurate information. Dates, descriptions, etc. How does she know these things?! I don't know but she's not only helped me but a few of my friends as well. Thank you Victoria!!
Great Reading Had my first reading with Victoria and it won't be my last. Victoria provided clarity and angel guidance concerning a troubling relationship. I look forward to the next few months based on her prediction for my happiness. Thank you Victoria.
Jennifer C
Healings and Clearings Necessary Victoria has been so completely accurate in my readings that I begin doing clearings and healings with her. There is no doubt that the shift I am experiencing in my life with the positive energy and bountiful blessings are due to Victoria's help. It is not only her accuracy, but it is also her honesty and willingness to help you work through your problems. I am so confident in her, that I talk with her at least once a month to make sure I am on the right track to my destination and my happiness!
Amazing! Victoria is amazing! She knew what was occurring in my life before I said anything! I mean I really could not utter word. She has a gift from above. I will definitely contact her again and again. I am glad that she is part of my life. May many blessing be bestowed upon her and her family. P.S. – if you are questioning her abilities – DON’T!!!!!
Perfect Just perfect
Another great session Thanks Victoria, for another great season. I've had two sessions with you and they've both been very accurate when you speak of things from the past and present. I look forward to speaking to you any time I need some guidance. God bless!
Vanessa Q
Phone interview Legit as fk. Thank you
Julio C
She's real & amazing! Today's experience was awesome,I left a new person never experience anything like this it was beautiful that words can't explain the feeling. She will work with you no matter what your situation is. I will highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Victoria you are a blessing to my family and I.
phone reading Today I had a phone reading with Victoria which kept me amazed on her ability. As if she was reading my mind and giving me directions and guidance that came through her. She has inspired and calmed the stress that I had by giving me hope for the future to come. She was great and wonderful. Thank you
Eliza A
Spiritual guidance As soon as Victoria called me , she started talking to me about things that were bothering me and she went straight to the point . She helped me a lot , to clear things , in my head . She was very honest and very nice . She put my demons to sleep . I would highly recommend her if you are seeking for guidance and answers . Thank you .
Irma L
Very accurate. Victoria is very accurate and brought up things that surprised me. She is nice and you can tell that she cares. She really cleared things up for me. And confirmed a few things I was weary about. Over all I had a great expirience and came out more confident of what I need to do. I will for sure be coming back for more readings!
Cheryl S
Completely satisfied Excellent experience. Completely satisfied. Extre professional and right on target. Thank you for all your help. Love.
Erica M
Awesome Victoria is an amazing person. My husband, mother-in-law and I went to go see her and we where very impressed and shocked with everything she told us.She very nice and helpful I would recommend her to everyone.Thank you very much Victoria see you soon.
Jennifer C
Comforting and Wise Victoria's readings are not only accurate, but they are comforting. She takes the time to ease your fears, even ones you have not realized. Her insight is truly a blessing.
Amazingly Accurate Victoria was beyond good, she was extraordinarily accurate on the information provided. She was able to connect with my beloved one who had passed on a year ago and gave me details that only he and I knew. She was comforting and brought peace to myself.
Jeri Marie
Sigh of Relief Talking to her gave me a moment of clarity in this chaotic time in my life right now. Thank You.
Lauren S
Medium/contact Victoria is very relaxed and makes contact immediately with what is most important. A great experience with an electric approach
Ruben V
Awesome First Experience I recently had my very first reading. I was instantly amazed at the fact that we dove right in as soon as i got the call. I did not have to say much of anything about myself for Victoria to start. I was amazed at the things she told me without me having to mention anything about them. I have not yet seen or experienced any of the things she has said that will come to pass but it is only day 3. I have no choice but to believe everything she said as there was no way she could have known these things about me unless it was really coming from some divine force. I really look forward to seeing what she told me come to pass. I will write another review as time passes and as i see the things she told me happen. Thanks for the great first experience Victoria!
Rose Mary S
Excellent Reading! Victoria is amazing. She was on point with everything she told me, and gave me hope with regards to finding work and true love. I will definitely visit with her again in the future. Thank you for a wonderful reading.
Kathie B
Mrs Victoria is amazing and very accurate. I'm so glad I finally connected with her. I've heard her on the radio and am amazed at her talent. I will definitely connect with her again.
josephine r
Accurate helpful reading My reading was accurate n she answered my questions n gave me help n advice 2 move forward with my life!
amber v
Amazing Blessing and Gift Very first time using a medium and she was ind blowing and it was so special, it changes my feelings so much especially when she helped me connect with my mom/best friend. Used the phone 30m session and look forward to a 2nd session
Betty M
Getting Clearly This is my second time going to Victoria. Everytime I come to an uncertainty in my life, I speak to Victoria and I get clearly. Amazing
Rebecca (Trinity2u) H
Incredibly accurate! Victoria Alvarado was spot on! The subject matter gave me validation as to what is currently transpiring without me saying a word. She was very specific with things she couldn't possibly know, as I revealed nothing. I am in awe of her gifts and will definitely be a regular customer!
Rebecca (Trinity2u) H
WOW Victoria was very warm, personable and easy to talk to but I didn't need to say much as she already knew so many things it was astounding. Solid advice and reassurance is what I gained from today's reading, but I will definitely be talking with her again soon for a longer reading!! Thank you so much, Victoria!!
Rebecca (Trinity2u) H
Incredibly accurate! Victoria Alvarado was spot on! The subject matter gave me validation as to what is currently transpiring without me saying a word. She was very specific with things she couldn't possibly know, as I revealed nothing. I am in awe of her gifts and will definitely be a regular customer!
Thanks Thanks for your help. Empowering and encouraging.
Completely Renewed!
Nancy S "Prior to session, overall I felt heavy and sluggish. After session was over, I was lighter and balanced. Victoria is intuitive and speaks with the angels and guides during session, communicating it to me. I listened with an open heart. I will book another session next month. Definitely recommend my clients to Victoria's services. "
Excellent This is my 4th reading by Victoria. She was spot-on and before I could ask any questions she answered all of them. She definitely has a gift from God and he's able to speak to your angels with Clarity and understanding. Within 24 hours everything she told me is starting to play out. Please do not wait get your reading now this will be the best thing you've ever experienced for your journey in life. The clarity and accuracy she provides is worth it
Excited Again Victoria was awesome. She connected to me instantly. Im excited about the things she predicted for me. She gave me hope again in a dark storm. She is truly gifted. I felt at peace instantly. Thank you again.
in person reading After more than 4 sessions with Victoria, I thoroughly believe in her abilities and accuracy regarding medium powers. She is highly accurate and in most cases her predictions and observations have proven spot on. Will see her again.
over the phone reading I had a reading over the phone cuz i liv in san antonio n the things victoria discussed with me were on point! I was a believer as soon as she brought things up about my life that no one else new bout me! I would definitely travel 2 c her in houston when my time permits thank you Victoria for clarity n reassurance in my life
phone reading I enjoyed the reading very much. It was fun and informative. She touched on a lot of my questions without me having to ask. Therefore, I deemed this reading incredible.
Accurate I am very confident believing what Victoria told me. I have been to before and she told me many things that I could verify immediately and other things that remain to be seen. I believe she is accurate as she said many things about future events for people in my family as she said the first time. I was very impessed with her accuracy and very thankful for her help. I will continue to consult her for advice. Her gifts are such a blessing as she helps people here and on the other side.
impresssive I was very impress with her,she got some things right off the bat.I love the healing she did for me with her Angels,and I know I will get better from my surgery .she gave me some insights that I didn't even know there was in my pass. I like that she has a soft and caring voice.and it did help me to realize she was right. I will call on her whenever I need the help,that I will feel,I can't do it alone,Thank you so much,and may the Lord bless you and yours in Jesus"s name.
Amazing as always I have been seeing Victoria for a while now. I've done clearings and gotten readings. She's consistent and is on point. I highly recommend her gifts.
Abbey M
Amazing! Thank you Victoria! You always provide such clarity!! Next time I'm getting the hour session! I appreciate you!!
a true voice from heaven! The message was so clear in the light and the truth set me free , the guidance to move forward and do what I need to do is so helpful and give me hope.I am so grateful for this connection Victoria is truly anointed and gifted in the truth and light.she knew right away the answers before I ask!
Jennifer C
Always right, always reassuring Victoria is an amazing reader, and she has been correct every time I've had a reading with her. She also is reassuring and helpful in so many ways. Thank you!
Victoria is a great Healer ans used by God Our Mental Health is Healthy and balanced from the Angelic healing; The negativity has been replaced with joy, peace, people and communication skills, Our talents as writers, students, businessmen and advisers, careers are enhanced. Overall we all have a zest for life and sense of directions to accomplish our life, career, goals. Better and better everyday in every way (o side effects but healed)
Alkeito M
Phone It was good I really do need to rebuild my confidence am working on it hope and pray everything goes well thank you
Healthy, Loved, Joyful, Blessed and Favored My son and I have done both a Healing and Extraction session with Victoria. It really has helped us tremendously. We are free of fear and guilt and feel full of love and compassion. We also feel that she activated our healing abilities and we are so thankful for her help. I have also listened to her post cast audios and I am interested in attending courses that will help me gain additional knowledge in our spirituality. She helped us through spirit find direction and purpose. No lost souls here but completely healthy (with our feet well planted in the ground) joyful ones. Blessed and favored thanks!
c y d
Amazing Received an Aura clearing. I felt like my energy was renewed. Victoria is always kind and honest. She's amazing.
Pre-reading of book Victoria I've known you since school and I have to say I'm so proud of you first and foremost. The book is amazing and beautiful. I can see it helping children and adults. Wow wow wow. Amazing.
Rachel L
Amazing great experience made me feel so much better and gave me the direction I needed without any information sweet lady
Weight loss We are losing weight thanks to Victoria!
Evelyn and Andrew
Angelic Group Healing I attended an Angelic Group Healing with Victoria for myself and my son. We prayed for healing the inner child and to bless and heal us from the time of the womb to past and future generations. I believe the healing healed any dis-ease or illness in our body, mind and spirit and eliminated any negative imprints in us. We are full of peace, love and compassion and know that the future is bright. We are choosing a path of health, blessings, prosperity, education, joy, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, generosity, understanding and good council. We trust and believe in the promises of God "For I choose the plans that I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and to give you hope for a great future. Jeremiah 29:11
Great overall I personally have had 2 sessions with victoria, and after the first i was thoroughly impressed, she is very caring and thorough in her sessions which caused me to come back in my time of need. She completely answered all my questions and i can say i feel like it was a great choice to consult with her, especially in my time of uncertainty , she gave me clarity and I'm now back on track and know where i need to position myself. She has gained a forever customer, thank you victoria.
leila g
awesome reading I've been going to Victoria for awhile now and each visit she's always accurate in what she's says. I highly recommend her.
Lupita P
Reading She knew what was wrong as soon as I walked in the room and made me feel so much better. I was in a deep depression and when I left I had so much hope. Will be coming back anytime I need clarity of things.
Katelynn L
Amazingly accurate I needed some clear insights regarding a specific issue but I ended up with receiving much more infos and guidance from Victoria. She is sweet and kind and will let you know what you need to know at the moment. All of her readings are spot on. I would highly recommend anyone to seek her advice if you have any questions about anything, she can help you choose the best path to go on.
tajuana R
Session I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Prophetic Ministry. The session was so dead on with the connection and information provided. I will definitely utilize this service again
Very Gifted!!!! She is the real deal. She asked me for my name and she delivered the truth...everything she told me she was spot on. Victoria knew things about me that really no one knew about. Victoria really helped me in so many levels. I loved all her beautiful prayers. She is amazing and such a magnificent person. If I can give her 100 stars for ratings I would. She is the "best!"
shelly s
telephone reading Very patient, sweet and supportive. She was very accurate on many points in the reading.
Awesome experience feel a lot better now She's great and very helpful
entity extraction and curse removal We came to Victoria and she did this service for my son. I believe that ALL the negative programming, enteties, curses has been removed completely and permanently. With oportunities to create a better quality of life full of Love, compassion, forgiveness and an oportunities to recreate a better quality of life full of joy, happiness, complete health at all levels, blessed, with intelligence, wisdom, insight, common sense, confident and great sense of drive to fulfill his personal, academic, spiritual and material goals. Thanks!!!!
Irma A
Excellent experience Victoria was accurate, caring and very helpful. Thank you for clarifying doubts that were lingering for more then a decade.
cherie W
Very accurate She described people to a T. Even what they have done recently with no information given to her. If u want the truth she will tell it as spirit tells her. If u need answers go to Victoria
Angelic Healing My son and I had an Angelic Healing this week. Feeling great, emotionally , spiritually, mentally, physically, developmentally. We feel healthy on all levels. We feel Victoria helped us and that all negativity has left permanently. We feel full of infinite positive energy, power, love, and courage. Highly recommended.
Angelic Healing My son and I had an Angelic Healing this week. Feeling great, emotionally , spiritually, mentally, physically, developmentally. We feel healthy on all levels. We feel Victoria helped us and that all negativity has left permanently. We feel full of infinite positive energy, power, love, and courage. Highly recommended.
tajuana R
Amazing Service My visit with Victoria was very professional as well as mind blowing. I'm grateful I utilized her services and will be referring new clients as well as myself being a repeat client!
Jennifer V
Mother Mary Healing event This event was extraordinary & definitely plan on attending her next one, I highly recommend this to everyone! Victoria thanks, the reading was on point & I've felt so great & positive since Sat.& thanks for being so sweet with your words of advice!
Reading session As usual Victoria was very helpful in her readings. Her advice was exactly what I needed to hear.
juliana p
Reading She is real and everything she has told me has happened.
Joe R
Phone Reading Needed clarity on my current path so after a 15 minute reading Victoria told me what I NEEDED to hear, I am grateful I can count on her reading's to inspire my direction, thank you Victoria.
claudia m
AMAZIING Victoria is very gifted. She picked up everything that was weighing on me. She's very caring and she makes sure you understand the messages she receives from her guides. I'm REALLY hoping that her predictions come to pass. I highly recommend. She is definitely worth the money.
Glenda P.
Amazing like always I visited Victoria yesterday, it had been a year since the last time I saw her. Unbelievably she remembered me and details of my last visit. She began to comment on matters I had gone through last year. She amazes me all the time on how accurate and detailed she is. I honestly have peace of mind every time I see her. I like the fact that she's honest and guides you in the best direction in any situation.I honestly always feel more positive when I leave. Thank you so much for your true and sincere guidance. I would definitely recommend anyone I know because she is truly amazing.
DreUnna R
Always accurate Victoria is awesome I talked with her twice and both times I was amazed on how much she knew and how accurate she was she helped me out a lot thanks Victoria
blown away I walked up to Victoria introduced myself and she immediately knew why I was there. Being a skeptic I had only purchased 30 minutes of her time, I left over an hour later. Giving her very little information she just knew the guidence I needed. By the time she was done telling me what she seen I had very few questions. Victoria Is very down to earth like your talking to a friend.. if your a skeptic just purchase a short session. I will definitely see her again!
Reiki session I had a reiki session with Victoria, it helped tremendously. Before the session I felt unsettled from all the chaos at work and people around me. Even the animals at work started feeling my altered energy.....Victoria grounded me and as soon as I stood up I felt my feet securely planted on the energy feels better and the animals definitely noticed the difference.
Good Reading Before Victoria called me I wrote down plenty of questions I needed answers to and to my surprise she did answer a lot of them. She immediately started to tell me things I only knew. So I know she is the real deal. I am glad I found her on yelp. I will recommend her to friends and family. Thanks Victoria :)
Elaine S
Fabulous She was dead on with everything she told me!!
Marina M
I recomend people to visit her She gave me very good advices and she told me exactly what was happening in my life. She described very well the people I talked about. I would like to visit her soon. If you take her advices your life will change in a good way.
The real deal! She is not a joke. Seriously, been consulting with her for approx 2years now. The more honest you are with her the more info she will reveal to you. She will see that you are willing to travel into those depths. ❤💙💚💜💛 Absolutely love her
Laura R
Angel healing The healing session was great. I like her method used to assist me with healing. She is detailed and intuitive. I am thankful for her services.
Great reading Gives you insight on all your doubts and troubles
cherie W
scary accurate The first time I came to her I asked her about to people. She described these people and their personalities to a tee. She didn't ask is this person this or that, she said this person is this and does that. Everything she told me had come to pass. She also has very good advice I have since come to her for several different things including healing and will be taken one of her classes. I have recommended her to people have come across and filled them in on the excellent experience that I have had with her
Laura R
Phone reading I was very impressed with Victoria's reading. She is a nice gifted person. God blessed.
The real deal! She is not a joke. Seriously, been consulting with her for approx 2years now. The more honest you are with her the more info she will reveal to you. She will see that you are willing to travel into those depths. ❤💙💚💜💛 Absolutely love her
Cynthia S
Aura cleansing Victoria is awesome. She is the real deal. At first I was skeptical but then there is no way she could of known some of the things she told me. I recommend her to anyone that needs an alternative way to heal. I can't wait to go back.
Reading... Gave me a sense of calm during a turbulent time and was spot on. Victoria is fantastic and very caring. Very honest!
Jessica D
Accuarate Victoria is a sweet person and is there to give you guidance and make you feel at peace. She's the best psychic and she's accurate
jacqueline k
excellent service She was sweet it was like talking to my bff and she hit the spot...I recommend her.
She's Gifted Victoria is a very sweet woman and is gifted. I gotten several readings from her and she is accurate. So far, everything has happened. She's the best psychic out there. I recommend her
Jo Ann P
Spiritual Victoria is awesome I had an emotional breakdown this evening but her messages from my Angel up above gave me alot of peace and comfort everything she said was true and correct
Yoshimar G
Very honest and straight to the point Since the end of last year different things started to happen in my life , but more often and some what intense were the events happening to me at the beginning of this year that left me scratching my head. This events made me get up my butt and start looking for answers from spiritual oriented people , which led me to meet some great psychics in the Houston area . Some could not understand me which was frustrating because the answers they would give me was not in tune with what was really happening in my life but i do appreciate the help some have given me even with out charging me a cent. When i first came to Victoria A. for a group healing i wanted to see and hear about her work in person, and i must admit that i was very impressed that i had the confidence to come back to her for a reading and again she was spot on on every answer also giving me details about things that i only knew , she also told me how my life was going at that particular time and why it was that way . Very honest and accurate , one of the best if not the best in the whole Houston TX area . Highly recommend.
Stacey E
Thank you Victoria's message today is providing me with guidance for my future. Thank you so much -- as you have given me the proper tools and words needed. As I begin this journey back home, I will definitely keep up with her when I need further advice and guidance.
Amazing reading I had an amazing reading. She knew exactly my troubles and my constant worries. I was in shock by her accuracy. You will hear what you NEED, not what you want, as another review mention. After I left, I was very overwhelmed because I knew she was right, but I was finally in peace. I feel a lot happier now. I recommend her. It will change your life.
Carrie L
SPEECHLESS !! My husband & I attended her group Angel Healing session today. It was beyond anything we expected. It was TRULY a beautiful & emotional experience, something we will never forget. Victoria you are AMAZING ... Thank you for sharing your gift with the public.. My husband & I are blown away. ( he was a skeptic ) you changed his beliefs. Today,,was very special & personal to us & will be celebrated for the rest of our lives. Thank you to everyone that witnessed our personal healing today. 💝
Jessica A
Amazing Victoria is an amazing person and truly gifted.She connected with my brother that recently passed. I have recommended her and will continue to visit her.
Carolyn G
Aura Cleanse Victoria is genuine and angelic. She had helped me tremendously clearing negative energies and emotional issues.
Amazing Healer!o I've always used Victoria's reading services before, but this was the first time I used her aura clearing and it was amazing. Even though it was over the phone, I felt an immediate physical response to her healing practice. Its only been a few days, but I feel like such a burden and an unexplained darkness has been taken away from me. Thank you Victoria!
Monica V
Impressed I had a phone reading with Victoria. She was right on target with issues I that were weighing heavily in my heart. I didn't have to ask anything, she just told me the information and it was exactly what I needed clarity on. I was very impressed.
Aura Clearing Recently saw Mrs. Alvarado for an Aura Clearing. Immediately after I felt lighter, she mentioned she took a lot of negative energy off my shoulders which is where I often suffer from pain due to stress & of course the negative energy. I've also had 2 previous readings & most of the stuff has been on point and I have faith that the rest will come through. I definitely recommend Mrs. Alvarado!
Linda E
Reading Victoria was very accurate with her reading. She is a blessing and has a great gift she shares with others. Highly recommend her.
Andrea H
Amazing Victoria is the real deal! She picks up on things to let you know she is real. I have had several readings with Victoria in the past, and she has been amazing each and every time. I would continue to go to her to receive guidance from my guardian angels!
Amazing Victoria is very sweet. I really did enjoy my reading even though I was a little afraid of what she might say. Some of things she said I wasn't aware of until I got off the phone. She mentioned someone was sick, and I found out later my roommates mom had come over early that day, and she has been sick for awhile now. She also, described a person I was seeing without me even mentioning them. I still have plenty of questions so I will probably be seeing her soon. Thank You Victoria.
Lily H
Angel Healing Awesome. Felt so relieved after my session.
Amazing! I was amazed by the things she told me and look forward to it. Everything she said has been true. I was scared at first but when she started saying things about my life that are true I was just amazed!
Amazing! Review of Victoria Telephone Reading During the reading I felt as if Victoria just touched my soul. I didn't have to say much she just knew me. I needed to hear the spiritual revelations that were given to me to improve my life. I thank you Victoria!!!! You have a special gift!
Amazing! Victoria is amazing and always on point with my readings.. Definitely recommend her to people.
Intuitive Reading Wow!This has helped me so much.It took me a few seconds to figure out the person she was describing as my guardian angel.However, when it sank in,it felt like a ton of bricks. Thank you so much.Give Victoria a chance.She is very accurate.
Connie West
Aura Clearings Victoria offered a clearing during a time I was stuck in major couch potato mode a couple of weeks ago. During that time on the phone she pin pointed 3 or 4 soul beliefs that needed to be cleared and boy did I feel it as she cleared them. Within 24-36 hrs I had shifted from not doing anything to help myself to feeling a fire lit under me and I created a perfect part time job that will allow me to do what hours I need and even if I get a part time job in corporate can change my hours! I even started shifting things in my home and tossing things out that I no longer needed to hold onto! Thank you so much!!!
Angel Reading Victoria is awesome. She knew exactly what was going on in my life. On spot. With her help and guidance I was able to make clearer decisions and feel comfortable with my decisions. Everything that Victoria said would happen has happened!!!! I will seek Victoria's advice again.
EXCELLENT Victoria is absolutely beautiful inside and out... she gave me the confirmation that I was looking for as soon as she began to speak
Amazing! Victoria is amazing and always on point with my readings.. Definitely recommend her to people.
Clearing After the clearing I have been feeling better. She also picked up on things no one else would know. Thanks Victoria!
Extremely accurate! I have seen Victoria several times for reiki and readings. Each time she accurately knows what I am going through from work to personal. She is extremely gifted.
Carolyn G
Aura Cleanse Victoria is genuine and angelic. She had helped me tremendously clearing negative energies and emotional issues.
Happy with 15 minute reading for the first time Had a 15 min reading and she hit (3) specific points. I was impressed, but need to wait to confirm the rest as they are projected to happen in the the spring of next year. Liked her positive energy. Only area I encourage her to revise is saying , "I know it's not what you want to hear." On the contrary as I have to wait to confirm her predictions. I liked her and have referred a friend. Will get another reading. She's Is good when asking general questions without details like, "Do you see a move?" From there, she gets lots of information as it relates to the exact situation.
Great insight With Victoria's assistance I have been able to gain a better understanding of a troubling situation in my life. Thank you so much Victoria!
Abbey M
I feel great! Thank you Victoria! This was my first time having an aura cleanse and its amazing how much better I feel after our time together. All day I would feel myself starting to "absorb" other people's trauma & drama and I would remember you telling me to keep my aura clear and I would spray the aura clear and tell myself, " that is not my issue. Don't engage." So I didn't. I feel clear and hopeful about everything in my future. Thank you for the clarity. You are truly gifted and I feel thankful to have met you! Blessings to you and your family!!
reading I purchased a 15 minute reading with Victoria based on her review on Bob Olson's best tarot review. She is very talented and was very on point. I felt very comfortable visiting with her and I trusted the advise she supplied through spirit. I would contact her again.
Stupendous She was very polite,sweet and straight forward which I love!She knew alot of things that I didn't have to mention that no one would ever know.I look forward to implementing the things she recommended and writing a new update of results.Will be scheduling soon!
One of my best experiences I had a reading by Victoria months ago, she was very helpful and I had other readings before her, but she was amazing. I do recommend her to anyone who had issues or need advice about your life..thank you Victoria I will go back to read my cards again.
Very Impressed Victoria answered my question right off the top.
Janan K
Wonderful ! Yesterday I had an angelic energy clearing from Victoria, and it was amazing. She connected with me and supported me. She was gentle in her guidance, but firm in what she was providing. My lower back and neck usually have very large pops when i crack them, and after the clearing they seem to not have the need to pop. It feels more reinforced and strengthened. Her clearings are something i realize are better than going to a doctor lol.
Medium Services Victoria was excellent in the improvised reading she had for me. I had called and left a voicemail asking her for service, she called me right away to answer my question and it end up in a reading in which my deceased husband was sending me messages. She was more than great and left me with much comfort. I will highly recommend her and will continue using her services.
angel reading I got good information that I did not expected at all. Thank you Victoria!
Maria Alicia D
Excellent Reading Hi, I was very satisfied with Victoria's reading she hit it right on the nail. She told me about issues that were going on in my life without me telling her anything. She was very friendly and understanding. I felt alot of peace after my reading. I will definitely consult her again. Thank you so much.
Richard S
Victoria Alvarado I Am A Reiki Master, And Have Had Energy Work Done By Many Healers! Victoria Is One Of The Best Healers I Have Ever Worked With!I Recommend Her To Anyone Who Desires Healing,Or Physic Council...Richard
What a Surprise!! My time with Victoria was heart opening and full of surprises ....I actually received information I have been waiting a lifetime to hear.... I feel her sensitivity and intuitiveness is in direct alignment with the angelics...I have deep appreciation and gratitude for her being apart of my spiritual journey...thank you so much
Nathan main
Gifted Nathan Main I highly recommend, Psychic Medium Victoria Alvarado for Intuitive readings. She is extraordinarily gifted,, accurate and thorough in her readings. I recommend her highly. Nathan Main, Adept Energy Transformationalist
Karen N
Excellent reading I am satisfied with what she told me , thank you for the answers. Great job I would recommend it .
Caroline B
First reading I had my first reading with Miss Alvarado and was very impressed with her professionalism. She was very specific and detailed. I will definitely be going back!
chris t
On spot Victoria has been on spot with her readings to me and has helped me to understand a current confusing situation I am looking forward to seeing the outcome that she said will happen in the near future and will be thanking her again on my next call. Thank you very much Victoria
phone Reading Amazing, shocking and excellent reading I had with Victoria. I am still mesmerized with the stuff that she told me and how she communicated with the spirit of two of my brothers that passed. It was so strong and real that I ended up in tears but at the end I had a sense of comfort and peace because of the message she provided from the spirits. I will definitely recommend Victoria if you are looking for the truth, she does not sugar coat and is honest with you, so you must be prepared for the messages. I was shock because it was a phone reading and I couldn't believe how well she connected with me. I am so looking forward to see her predictions materialize and also doing a person to person reading with her soon. If you are looking for a psychic that has the real gift, Victoria is the person, she is very compassionate, understand and gives you the time to ask any questions. Victoria even told me what to do to get rid of some of the negative energies without charging extra. Trust me, contact Victoria and you will have no regrets after the reading is done, but once again, please be open minded and willing to listen to the truth. I give her a 10+ rating.
G. Lee
Group mediumship event Really enjoyed today's event, definitely attending your next one hopefully my loved ones come across.
kimberly v
Great reading! Victoria is very insightful and honest. Will go back the next time I'm in town!
Very Moving She gave an important msg, It was very moving. Thanks.
Phone Reveiw I have had several readings from Victoria and she is spot on each time,this last reading she told me I had a lot of resentment and had distance myself from my family and she was spot on.So today I went for a cleanising to help me to let go off the anger and resentment,the most wonderful thing I could of done when Victoria was done I felt a weight had been lifted off my soul and spirit . Victoria is the real deal everything she told me is so accurate. Thank you Victoria
Reiki and Reading I will continue to do reiki and readings with Victoria. She made me feel at ease and much of what she said during the reading was spot on.
Spot On On the spot! I had a one hour reiki session followed by a one hour reading. I just recently learned of reiki and was willing to "try anything" to get my mojo back. I've been dealt a number of unexpected losses and really would have tried anything to give me strength and clarity. The reading on my part was more in hopes of hearing from my Dad. Instead the reading was exactly what I needed and was far too detailed to be any kind of guesswork. She was SPOT ON. I went in feeling optimistic but truly mentally anguished and exhausted. I can't explain how reiki works but I was definitely feeling more whole and together...and that was before the reading Then she began my reading. Dad decided to take the day off but Instead I got and absolutely clear message on a decision that had been truly tearing me apart, and suddenly felt at ease with it. I will be sending everyone I know. Thank you, Victoria.
Jaime g
Group mediumship event Jaime Garcia Thank you SOOOO much Victoria, you are a blessing to all of us. I thank God you followed the gifts God bestowed onto you. I'm also thankful for the connection that was allowed for my beloved mother to come through. Everything you said was 110% spot on. You could not describe her any better. I was not expecting her to make herself present, but if anyone would, that would be her. I look forward in setting up a private appointment with you. You have allowed me take another step forward in the right direction for self improvement with the mind, body, and soul. I hope my brother and sister share the same sentiment when I get a chance to tell them. God bless you Victoria! You are now in my prayers. *hugs*
Denice V
Very Helpful She's very intuitive and really helped me clear up some questions in order to move on with my life.
Truly Gifted! Victoria is truly gifted. I will continue to visit her for reiki and readings as she has truly helped me.
She was on point This is my second reading with Victoria, she hit on some stuff that I was just talking about the day before. I didn't have to say anything. She even said some things about the person I am talking too. I was amazed. She is the real deal. I will be calling her again in about 6 months.
Racheal M
Reading I always enjoy my reading with victoria she is a very caring person and speaks to you with a very caring heart thank you victoria.
Gregg G
Very insightful Met and had my first reading with Victoria. Was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience. She was very calming and nailed many issues and later on that evening other things she felt began to make sense. Can't wait to see her again. Thank you.
Shelly j
reading thank you for your sweet words of of encouragement.
facebook group reading
Vicki Thank you very much for your guidence. It has helped a lot. I really appreciate all that you do. Thank you.
Kerry R
Victoria is awesome When I first started seeing Victoria I was miserable. My Aura was at 30/35%. She really helped me focus on letting go. I'm sleeping better. Feeling better and my Aura is almost up to 80% in just two weeks. I'm now finding calm in my life.
Victoria is great She really knows what she is talking about and doing!
Jennifer a
we'll see Victoria was right on for most things.She knew what field I was in and my struggles.She told me I would marry my present boyfriend.Another told me in four to five years and it won't be him.Overall I am going to get a second reading as the time was too short on the first.By the way,she is very warm and nice.Hope this helps.
Andrew J
Victoria gets 10 STARS ***** Victoria is amazing! She is always right with her predictions! All her advice has been tremendously helpful. I will continue to seek her help & advice.
Kind and truthful Victoria is kind doing her reading, taking time to address my questions and she started the readibg telling me something very personal that was fearful of.
phone reading My phone reading was amazing! It was the first time i contacted a pshychic amd she knew everything without me saying anything. She gave me helpful tips to help my relationship. She is a true messenger of the spirits. Feels good to know angels are around me!
Carolyn G
Aura clearing She helped me tremendously!
Well spent money! Totally worth it I love the fact that V cuts straight to the chase. She understands the value of Every minute. Highly recommend her!!
Unbelievable I've had many readings before and this was for sure ... one of a kind!! It's amazing to me how things she said are spot on. I highly recommend giving her a call, I assure you, you won't be disappointed!
Awesome Very helpful knew what you where there for would definitely recommend someone
Porscha J
Interesting Reading Review of Victoria Telephone Reading The reading was true within my situation,Mrs.Alvarado seem like the real deal in my book,base on what she stated to me just hope is all true and hopefully nothing dnt come up False based on what she stated to me.just have to wait and see the Future will tell. All in all I give her 4
Spot on Enjoyed speaking with you, felt very calm and relaxed the things she told me made a lot of sense!!!
Cleaning out my chakras I have nothing but good things to say. I went in for a cleaning of chakras plus a 30 min reading. It wasn't my first time for a reading but it was for the cleansing. I have had a scan done of my Arora but not the way she did it. It was neat how she used the hand gestures to symbolize what she was doing. I liked how she communicated through the whole process so I wasn't feeling lost. Towards the end she explained that I had a lot of junk and that its finally cleared. She warned me that I may have diarrhea because it was intense and that I would feel lighter. I immediately did feel lighter when I left the office and I did have diarrhea the next 3 days but it was not major or painful... The fourth day was when I had most of my diarrhea come out in a different type of way and I was kind of scared because it was a huge long type of stool but I instantly felt like a thousand pounds lighter. I know it seems gross and nasty to write my review like this but it's the truth. The truth well set you free. I'm glad I got it and I know I'll be back again in the future. Thanks Victoria!
Very sweet I had a phone reading with Victoria and she called on time. She was very sweet and soft spoken and seemed to know my issues before I asked them. She seemed to be able to connect with my angels and guides and know what was going on with me. I only booked a short session but I will probably book a longer one next time.
Reading Victoria is excellent. She gives me comfort and guidance to my everyday negativitity.
legit Victoria knew exactly what the problem was, she knew things that's there is NO WAY she could of known, I will definitely be going back soon. She is very nice and sincere and is there to actually help !! I have already recommended her to some of my close friends..
Stephanie F
Great Reading!! Victoria is really awesome. She put my mind at ease about a few things I was unsure about that were going on in my life. As soon as I walked in she started saying things about my career and that was exactly one of my main concerns. She was spot on with everything that she told me. As a matter of fact as soon as I got back to my car I had a voicemail from the employer that I was concerned about. Everything that she said would happen...DID! I highly recommend her and will for sure be going back again!
Andrew J
I give Victoria 5 stars! She was right in the money! She knew everything I have been going through. She gave me wonderful advice that confirmed everything I have been thinking. Victoria is the real deal. Honest and trustworthy.
Amazing Victoria is the real deal, she knows what she is talking about... be sure that she will be fair, and is truly interested to help you on what ever you are going through... I would not try anyone else.
Hope I spoke with Victoria Alvarado to get some answers and help. My brother in laws wife has been missing for about 2 years and we did not know if she was dead or alive. However, after my talk with Victoria, now we have peace to know that she is indeed alive and we will soon get to be with her again. During the reading, Victoria successfully pointed out key points about my brther in laws wife, such as; how many children she had and physical description of her. She also gave other accurate information which left me shocked. She is truly accucrate and can help you in a time of need. I thank her so much and I will visit her again and recommend my friends.
Reading Great Reading. Insightful and correct.
Juan Ortega
Life-changing Years of suffrage and emotional distress was the reason for my visit. After my visit my body felt so much lighter, stress-free, and felt an amazing sense of positivity. She is very caring, recommend her for anybody going through hardships in their life. Amazing!
Jaclyn Y
One of the best in town! Greetings! I highly recommend Victoria to the 10th degree. Her readings will have you in suspense and leave you speechless. My very first reading from her was January 1st 2015, she had mentioned a "grandmother type" spirit was with her and if my mom had sisters because it felt like an aunt figure as well. I received a text from my mom @ 7:30 in the morning that my Aunt (who took care of me my young childhood days) had passed the day I received my reading from Victoria. From then on, Victoria has my upmost respect and full attention. I highly recommend Victoria. Jaclyn.
John N
Authentic Before the session, I was full of doubt, fear and anxiety. As I entered the office, I felt very peaceful. At the beginning of the session, Victoria and I prayed together to help invoke positive energy and I immediately became comfortable talking with her. Victoria is warm and insightful and helps to manifest the healing that I needed. I am looking forward to future sessions with ease and grace.
More than expected All I can say is that she has proven to me that she is one of a kind and original. I will surely be back.
Alissa D
Very Professional Victoria was very professional and kind during my visit. She helped me feel relaxed and did a wonderful job during the reading and reiki session.
Anne E
Incredible I had an hour appointment with Victoria and my questions were answered with enough detail to make sense. Victoria has a unique gift of foresight and she enables you to understand family and love relationships. I highly recommend her and I will return when life becomes complicated. She is thoughtful in her readings and is willing to get to the bottom of an issue.
Erika R
awesome Victoria was very sweet and helpful knew exactly what my questions were without me even asking! I highly recommend!
Jazmin Ibarra
Great Advice! Would definitley consult with her again :) I had a over the phone consultation wih victoria and overall she was right on spot about my situation. She totally blew me away, she told me stuff that i never tought would come up about my personal life; even if it hurt me to know the truth. The only problem was the time limit it was not her fault but mine i wish i would of gotten a longer time with my consultation, 15 min is not enough but she was very kind and i felt like i was talking to someone i knew from along time i recommend her to anyone that wants to get any type of clarity. She gave me great advice, in which i am trying my hardest to do. I cant wait to have an in person consultation with her hopefully i go see her soon. Overall i was very pleased. Thank You Victoria!
Jennifer C
On Point/Calmed Me Review of Telephone session With Victoria I was so very nervous about a particular event happening in my life, and Victoria detected it right away and calmed my fears. The anxiety I was living with went away. I am so thankful. She is right on point and is very intuitive. Will be returning!
Truth Hurts Victoria is the TRUTH. Some of the people that I know that have spoken with her didn't like the truth but we don't always hear what we want to hear. I believe most people have not heard what they wanted to hear...which is the truth. We don't need a "Yes Man"-- we need the truth. The truth hurts sometimes, but facts are facts. I was sad to hear that truth, but guess's all right. She didn't miss a beat. Thanks to Victoria, I left the jerk, that I hoped would be different, but was the worst. She opened my eyes. She's the real deal.
Reading & Reiki Sessions with Victoria I have had several Reiki and Reading sessions with Victoria. She is truly a gifted individual. She is very accurate in her readings. She has tremendous amounts of positive energy and clarity. She is a very calming and helps you feel at ease with any situation going on in your life. She is truly a blessing in my life and she possesses a very special gift.
Right on!! Victoria was straight to the point & started her readings right away. She told me things that I know but, also let me know things that I saw and wanted confirmation on. 30 mins was not enough time! She gave me clarity on what I needed to know and honesty she was right on! This is my very first experience with anyone in her profession and I'm glad I did it with her. I will be going to her again soon!
Tarot Reading She was excellent. Thank you Veronica for bringing out the truth that I searched for so long.
Colleen O
Thank you Thank you for your time yesterday. It was very insightful and helpful!
Stacey E
Thank you Thank you Victoria for everything yesterday - I was so happy when I left with the connections and the guidance and answers I needed. See you next time :)
Victoria I just cant help it and keep on returning back to Victoria, I trust her 100%. If you are looking at this e mail and you are looking for answers Victoria is the one, don't even try anyone else.
Karen B
Amazing reading! Victoria was really able to give me valuable insight into my life situations. She tapped into the people who i interact with and knew things that were not possible for her to know. Best of all, I left knowing that I have my own special angel looking over me.
Kate G.
It was incredible. I was very surprised with how correct she was with all of the questions I had. She took me so much by surprise that I forgot everything I wanted to ask. I'm so glad I finally brought myself to doing this, it was an incredible experience.
Victoria is just great!!!!o She give the answers to my questions even before I said something to her. She knows what are the problems I am dealing with and I was impressed also by her attitude and the service provider. She reached so fast when I asked her help even if my appointment was scheduled later. Thank you Victoria. Thank you again.
Amazing!!!! Victoria is truly a blessing! Very professional makes you feel super calm and comfortable I would recommend anyone and everyone to her!
Visit I walked into my appointment not knowing what to expect. Victoria was very sweet, straight to the point and had a soothing voice. I would go back!
Racquel D
Work issues/loved one I had a 30 min reading over the phone with Victoria. I mainly wanted to know the meaning of a dream that I had and what I needed to do because I felt it had something to do with my job. Victoria described to a "T" the person who has been creating problems on my job and told me a certain timeframe when this person will be gone! I will see if it comes to past but she was right when she said that they have been wanting to get rid of this person for 2 years! I have also felt the presence of my grandmother for years now. I thought it was my mother's mom but it has been my father's mom whom I have never met! She told me about some recipe cards that she prepared that was to be shared throughout the family. Guess what? My first cousin found the recipes! I will definitely be contacting Victoria again very soon. Thank you Victoria!
Patrick P.
Victoria did a great job with my reading! I highly recommend her in your search for spiritual connection!
Latoya L.
Victoria did an excellent job reading me. She gave me so much clarity on some things that had me in question about my life. Money well spent to get the needed answers, plus she even told me things that I already knew, but didn't come to her about.
Rachelle H.
Victoria was awesome! I had a phone session and she seemed very sweet. She answered almost all my questions before I asked them and gave me the reassurance I needed. She answered every question I had and everything she said made perfect sense! She's the real deal.
Tiarra D.
I found Victoria because a friend of mine had a reading with her, she nailed so much stuff on the head I knew she had to be the the real deal. I had my reading with her and didn't ask me any personal questions Just name and dob. When I say I could have fell on the floor in shock after I talked to her, I was blown away. She told me things no one else knows I'm going thru. Now I have to sit back and let it take its course. She took away a lot of burden I have been carrying around with me. It was worth every penny, I will defiantly be calling upon her again. Thank you so much.
Mary Fisk
session I had a conversation a few months ago on the phone with myself and another lady (group call) I was so impressed by her at that time because she talked about the issues that I was having with my plumbing, there is no way she could have known that I was having trouble with the plumbing, we live very far away from each other and no one else knew about this except my plumber. I was blown away by the end of that session. Then a few days ago I contacted her to see if she could connect with my mom. Not only did she connect with my mom but a few others tried to come through as well. My mom passed away in 1997 and we lived thousands of miles away from each other and I wasn't able to be there when she passed away. For years I have beat myself up over not being able to be there. She assured me that my mom loves me and I felt such a wave of emotions come over me and I knew that she was talking to my mom. She told me thing's that only my siblings and maybe my children could have known. I can not thank her enough for what she's done for me. I felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend her to any one and I will! She is AWESOME! I'm giving her 5 stars because she deserves 10 stars! She has a beautiful soul and I truly believe that she can help many many more people. Watch out Theresa!!! This lady could give you a run for your money,(old expression)
Elizabeth P.
Victoria immediately picked up on several issues that I had been thinking about for months now. She gave me the clarity I needed to move to the next step in achieving my goals. It's as if she knew me for years even though we hadn't met. Although it was strange to hear a complete stranger dissect all my issues, it gave me the reinforcement I needed in making some major life changes. Did I mention she did all of this in 12 minutes?
Salimata Z.
Jamie F.
I went to Victoria because I needed help with my 2.5 yr relationship with my at the time ex-boyfriend. I pushed him away and it was a huge mistake on my part. I was worried about if Victoria was real or not and as soon as I met her I got the best vibe from her and could tell she is real and does take her work seriously. She was very friendly and I will definitely be calling her again. Victoria, it has been about 2.5 weeks since I lit those candles and just tonight my boyfriend and I got back together. We have a lot of work ahead of us but my wish/prayers came true and I know those candles sped up the process and made it happen! From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.
glenda p
Wonderful This would be my 2nd time visiting Victoria. I was pleased once again with her services. What I like the most is that she's very professional and caring. Very genuine, soft spoken. I feel very comfortable asking questions or letting her know my concerns. I was amazed when she told me on my 1st visit that I was traveling in April.I honestly doubted but she was right I had to leave the country on April 16th. I would definitely recommend Victoria to anyone. Thank you for being so gifted.
Phillip E.
Yes she was right told me and wife would have new jobs and in the next two days both of us got a job she answered everything I wanted to know very pleased I pray the rest of what she told me comes true thank you Phillip and Sharnae
What can I say? This lady came to me and explained everything I was going through ( diagnosed) without me telling her. I am very impressed and she has a gift. She was amazing. I would recommend her and be going back to her. Thank you Victoria.
Joey S.
I’ve had a pressing issue and I didn’t know what action or direction I should take. I called Victoria to find some clarity, after her reading I gain greater confidence. 

I was actually expecting that she would reveal to me to follow a different (easier) direction, instead I’m on a more challenging but more rewarding path in which my efforts would be recognize later on down the road. I am just at the being of this path and at times I begin to feel self-doubt but then I remember Victoria’s guiding and caring words and I regain my inner strength. 

Thank you Victoria, your greatest gift isn’t that you are able to reveal details that only those involved in the situation should know…your true gift is that you help people find a greater sense of peace.
Tamara W.
Victoria was right on with my reading, she knew things that people would not know about my life with financial things. She also was able to connect with my dad who passed away and was right on! I highly recommend her she knows what she is doing and is not a fake!!!
Pat S.
Victoria was very professional and accurate in her readings. I would highly recommend her services.
Bre H.
I called Victoria for advice and guidance because I was told by a gypsy that someone had put witchcraft on me. In the long run I found out that the gypsy only told me what I wanted to hear and she stole from me. Victoria took the time to uncover what was really going on in my life from all aspects. She was able to reach out to me over the phone with only my name and date of birth. She gave me solutions to my problems and she answered questions that I never knew the answer to. I could tell that she genuinely cared about me and that she was not just out to get my money. I have been depressed for months and I have felt hopeless but when I got off the phone I actually felt at peace for once. I walked away with an action plan. I honestly couldn't have asked for anyone better. She took her time to listen and she was never in a rush. After a while it almost seemed as if I were talking with a close friend. Thank you Victoria for all your help.
Lashun D.
I called victoria to get advice on my love life and she really helped me she told me what i needed to do to attract my soulmate into my life  she even discribed him to me and told me the initials of his name and sure enough i met him 6 months later .
Very Professional. Serene Atmoshere. Shes A Good Person And Very Accurate Reader I Really Benifitted Gratly. S.
Lori C.
Victoria gave me an amazing reading. She was able to connect really well with my situation. She offered many details and invaluable insights. Victoria picked up on things in my life that she could not have known. I was truly impressed. It was a very helpful reading.
Paula D.
i found victoria at a bad time in my life, not knowing anything about me as i live on the otherside of the world. Through my name and d.o.b, she knew so much about what was happening in my life that nobody else did. I was really amazed at how accurate she was about everything that was going on. I would highly recommend victoria she done the readings by email and i didnt have to wait long. Fantastic thankyou Victoria x
Catherine J.
When my friend referred me to Victoria, I was somewhat skeptical, since I live in another state. Victoria did my reading by phone, and I was taken aback by her gift. She helped me not only emotionally, but also guided me with her professional insight.
Joe M.
I’ve always believe that there are people with psychic gifts and I often assume most of those who advertise they can tell you your future are at best limited amateurs and at worst con artist…But after having a reading done by Victoria I know I have come across a truly gifted “reader”. 

I was impressed that she did my reading over the phone (adding to her creditability); she did not use my body language or facial gesture as cues. I gave her no information as to the question I wanted answered but she was able to give me answers to my specific question.

Victoria’s accurate “readings” will prove to you there is more to world than what the eye can see.
Tamika D.
She was really right on the money with a lot of the issues that I was concerned about. She really took her time and we even went over but I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend here and she even has a special that is really affordable for your first time if you are skeptic. She is really worth it, I searched through many before finding Victoria.
Theressa T.
She is very professional and easy to talk to. The readings I have had from her were right on target. I would strongly recommend Victoria if you want a professional and accurate reading. I will be referring all my family and friends to Victoria!
Ashleigh H.
At first I was so nervous going to a psycic about my life but when I talk to her she was very welcoming and the part that really won me over was when she asked me to say a prayer silently to myself. She only asked for my name and birthday which means she did not know anything other than that about me. All the information she gave me in my reading was true or getting ready to be true. Greatest reading ever. Victoria gives you all that she sees first then ask if there are any questions which makes the reading feel more secure.
Surprised! I have to say I was surprised with the information Ms. Alvarado gave me, some which was very detailed and accurate. I was stunned how she was spot on. I've been to several Tarot Card Reader Psychic Mediums; from inexpensive to expensive, yet receiving very little information. Ms. Alvarados readings are well priced with more information than I've received from my past readings from other readers combined.
Gifted Victoria really does have a special gift. She is a very spiritual person. She told me some things that left me scratching my head as I drove home... ONE WEEK later when something happened just as she described. I had the deer in the head lights look on my face.. Good thing I told my son ahead of time, because he was the first I called and told him, SHE WAS RIGHT!!!!!! I have been back to her several times and have referred her to others. I find her to be very helpful.
Claudia G
She's awesome.,!:) Ok.!! When I got there I was nervous bc I've never done this before.! But when she stared reading the cards it was outstanding she answered every single question I had.! I truly recommend her.! She's a pretty lady.! Thank you Vicky/ Victoria ..Ps my friends are going soon to see her.!:)
Super Accurate I have had readings before but none like this. Victoria was able to tell me things about my life that only I would know and she gave me some really great insight. I will be consulting with her on a regular basis.
claudia m
Wonderful I LOVE Victoria! I have gone to several mediums and she is by far the most accurate. She knew things I hadn't told anyone. She is very sweet and very in-tune with you. I love how she prays first before anything and asks my graudian angels to help assist her to guide me. Thank you Victoria you are awesome!
Reiki Session My first visit with Victoria was for a session of Reiki! It was a life changing experience. I left feeling so free, clear and stress free. Just what I needed!!
melissa stoneman
amazing person I came in with so much unanswered questions. She answered them without me asking! How?!??!?! I don't want to go into details about what we talked about but let me tell you,she is the real deal. I'm bringing my friends to meet her soon.
Melinda H
Awesome! My first, but not my last, experience with Miss Victoria. I went in BLIND AND came out with clarity! I highly recommend her!!
Awsome! This was my third time seeing Victoria but first time getting a Rekie ssessions, I didnt know what to expect but I came out feeling exactly what I was hoping for, relief. She has been RIGHT on the last two times I seen her and definitely recommend seeing her.
tamara w
Some people have a gift I believe that some PEOPLE actually have a gift. Victoria is one of them. she has helped me deal with some very personal stressful situations in my life. I have seen her twice. She has also followed up with me via text. She is very personable. Looking forward to seeing her again in the future.
connie rachunek
awesome reader Victoria was very accurate in my reading and i will definitely go back for another one she is honest and straight forward and has a gift
Extraordinary!! I have had readings before and have never felt so at ease and comfortable with anyone before. She was very precise She knew my issues before I even told her about them. I highly reccomend her and the Reiki healing sessions as well. She is exceptional with the hollistic healing. Helped me clear my aura. Clearing all the negative energies that surrounded me. I love how she speaks to our guardian angels to help her guide her to guide us.
She's the real deal I'm skeptical when it comes to things like this but she nailed it! She said detailed stuff I would only know. She gave me great advice on what to do to better myself. She took the time to explain herself and made sure i understood everything. She wasn't in a rush even after my time was up. I would recommend if you need direction.
eerily accurate Victoria was recommended by a friend of mine who was impressed with her skills. I was apprehensive until my friend informed me that Victoria was very spiritual and prayed over her cards before reading them.She was very professional, and made me feel at ease. Although I was read over the phone Victoria was incredibly accurate when it came to me and my life. I recommend her to anyone that's looking for clarity, closure or direction. I plan on using her services again.
Victoria was spot on and a kind soul! I had a ready from Victoria as she was recommended by a friend, Victoria was honest, sincere and spot on as she was doing my ready. She is a kind soul and at no point do you ever feel uncomfortable with Victoria. Very spiritual and I love how she prays to the Angels for enlightenment. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for direction.God Bless!
text message reading
Sabrina Awesome reading! Very on point. I truly grateful and still blown away how accurate Victoria was. Thank you so much! Love and light! Xoxo
messenger reading Amazing reading:)
Thank you so much for taking time for me you are amazing and kinda freaked me out you knew about a locket?!!!!!!
facebook messenger Victoria did very well she was spot-on with my readings. I would definitely suggest her
text message
k.freeman  Victoria did an awesome reading I left feedback already. But i want her to know last night was the best night sleep i have had since Sept 2016..and I feel like the weight of the world if off my shoulders Tyvm
instantgo text message
nita Would like to say a big thank you to Victoria for the reading she kindly did me , it made so much sense and has gave me hope to move on and enjoy what’s ahead of me , ty again , blessed be 💖
text message
k. freeman this is my second reading in less than 2 days omg Awesome! and so accurate this reading... Thank you so much and for putting my mind at ease ..wishing you love and light...
facebook messenger reading
Candace Thanks for the reading on the kitty pic. Because Idk the kitty I can’t say anything re: her health issues. But I do believe that I am meant to be a healer and my gifts will be made plain to me soon. Thanks again. ANd my daughter would love a litter of kittens.
medium reading by text
Priyanka So accurate!! Gave me so much peace! Thank you
reading by text
Cyrenthia Thanks Victoria for the reading. I absolutely need to get things in order and I am looking to move
facebook messenger
Valarie W Victoria you was so on point about my life brought tears to my eyes. I want to thank you so much for your read.. Love n light 💖💖💖💖
text reading on facebook
Samantha G
My reading was so accurate holy crap. Gave me goosebumps
text session
Kim Thank you for the readings it was pretty accurate
facebook reading
Alexander It was accurately done I'm satisfied overall good reading I need to understand the going back to school part
facebook healing/reading
Melanie O Ur an amazing woman I can feel the love radiatin ftom you
facebook healing and reading session
SKYE Thank you sooo much for your help and your healing words I have been told to ground myself and connect with the mother nature I just keep putting off but I know I have to motivate myself more and stop thinking bout it and do it ... You are right my right leg feels like it gets jabbed every now and then its like someone has a voodoo doll of me I have suspensions that there is .. Thank you again I really appreciate the healing .. Love and light
session With Victoria
osmara  Victoria O Alvarado accurate all the waaay!
I’ve been slacking on the water and focus too much on my body image. Will start drinking plenty of water for the detox. & yes I do need to evaluate some friendships. Archangel Michael of course, he’s my protector. Love this and will ask my angels for the chi ball tonight. Thank you a million for taking the time and the amazing reading! Keep shinning!
reading online
mal thank you! It was accurate and gave me some peace love and light 
Facebook session With Victoria
mirella  Victoria O Alvarado just read me - she picked up something about a male in my life - thought maybe a son - however I don’t have children. I gave to say though what she did pick up was about a male that I care for very much and I associate him with the sun and that his past gnaws on his mind. She reassured me all will be ok! I know it will. All in all the reading resonates with what is currently happening around me. Thank you 
text session
m. Brower Awesome!! She said things that definitely apply to my life right now! Thank you so very much!
anonymous The reading resonated with me, I was told this girl already has 'feelings' and her prediction of a fling that will lead to a commited relationship adds up to what has been said. Thank you!
valentines day session online
jules Had a reading very very accurate things made sense thank you x
text mini session
Cindi Just had a mini read, Hoping this is true, thank you for taking the time out of your day for me!
reading with victoria
Maghi  I just had a reading with this amazing lady and thanks to her now I know who is my soulmate I just wanted to be sure if I know him already or no and I am so happy she said I do thank you so much love and light 
online reading
Mary Jane There has been a lot of back and forth on his part and yes his does know that no one will care for him like I do but as I have explained to him the last time I let him come back it would be the last and final Time. His cheating is to much even if it's for convenience. Thank you so much. I really need that answer. I figured he'd be leaving again. That's why I can't let my guard down again.
online messenger
Mary Thank you so much for reading me  it's true,I'm afraid of messing it up and ruin what we have now,but it's time.. so thank you for easing my heart 🙏
pamela I had a reading from Victoria and I feel she is on point with her description of the events.. I am pleased that she took the time to answer my question.. Much appreciated!
victoria read me
shahenza  I just want to thank you Victoria O Alvarado. You were accurate and your response gave me peace. I believe it and I pray it really come to pass soon. Thanks a lot for your time to answer my question. I grateful
online text session
kyra Amazing reading, very accurate! You were referring to my partner who wants to buy a home, we’d both like to own our own place once married👰 Thank you! xxx
reading online
Claire Thank you very much 💟